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Post-Brexit Paris office market is ‘thriving’

Knight Frank’s third quarter ‘Paris Office Market Outlook Report’ has highlighted how the office market in the French capital is performing well despite uncertainties due to Brexit. I’ve decided to comment on the news reported in World Property Journal Strong…
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London office glut threat exacerbated by Brexit?

Nery Alaev writes about London’s office market. A recent story in Bloomberg about Barclays plc’s decision to cut 5,000 desks, or about 25% of its London office space, has highlighted fears of a glut in the capital which may lead…
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Vienna’s pied-a-terre market targeted by investors

Nery Alaev writes about Vienna’s pied-a-terre market. Investors are targeting the pied-a-terre market thanks to attractive yields on offer in key up-and-coming districts, according to a report from Knight Frank covered in Property Investor Today. I’ve decide to conclude and…
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