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Hier möchte ich brisante Themen im Videoformat vorbringen, wie beispielsweise eine Präsentation zur Situation der Ölindustrie und die makroökonomischen Faktoren, die diese beeinflussen.

Videos are both presented and summarised in both German and English.

Um meine Präsentation über die Ölindustrie im Jahr 2016 namens  ‚Ölpreisverfall‘ anzusehen, klickt bitte hier:

Die Präsentation gibt einen Überblick über die aktuelle Situation, in der sich die Ölindustrie befindet. Auf Gründe für den Preisverfall wird eingegangen und Auswirkungen von makroökonomischen Ereignissen, wie den Atomdeal mit dem Iran oder die Krise, in der sich China’s Wirtschaft befindet, werden erklärt. Auch die Rolle der OPEC, der Organisation der Erdöl exportierenden Unternehmen, wird beleuchtet.

Die Präsenation wurde unter Mithilfe des Teams von ESN Investments und Nery Alaev zusammengestellt.

Please find my presentation from 05.05.16 here:

The video is a summary of an article I wrote the same week, about a drop in commercial real estate investment across Europe, thanks to wider concerns about macroeconomic situations such as Brexit, China and the price of oil – an issue I’ve discussed previously.

Please find my presentation from 16.05.16 here:

The video quickly summarises the central points made in the article, which is a summary of Ray Dalio’s seminal work on the ‚economic machine‘ – the summary intends to deliver a concise explanation of the work.

This video summarises points made in my article about real estate investment in Central Europe, especially in Poland and the Czech Republic.

This video sums up points made in my article about Fintech and its potential to disrupt to the operations of Wall Street. It also discusses Wall Street’s collective defences against this.

The video is a summary of an article of mine about the economic recovery in Europe benefitting investment in real estate properties, especially office assets in the region in cities with strong employment such as London and Berlin.

This video summarises my recent article on negative interest rates and whether they should be feared. I focus on nations such as Denmark, which has adopted the unorthodox policy.

This video is about reactions in the real estate world to the Brexit vote. In it I look at expert opinions from across the world on the vote’s implications on real estate projects.

This video is about outlooks for European real estate in H2 2016. These outlooks have since been affected by the Brexit vote made the the UK public on 23rd June, since the posting of the written article this video summarises.

This video is about reactions the the UK’s vote to leave the EU, with my thoughts on the standpoints of senior real estate professionals on the vote.

This video is about whether or not Brexit will actually happen and how it can be challenged legally. It is a part of my ongoing series on Brexit.

This video is about the polling carried out during Brexit and the reasons for the incorrect nature of said polls. It is another part of my ongoing series on Brexit.

This video is about commercial property investment in Europe, which has risen in Q2 2016. I place a particular focus on the strength of Ireland’s economy.

This article is about Poland’s role in leading regional investment in the CEE (Central and Eastern Europe) region.

This video is about the new competition in Europe for Fintech companies‘ attention between London and Berlin.

This video is about Brexit’s impact on commercial property in the UK, especially in the country’s capital London.

This video is about hotel trends in Europe, including how Germany has bucked the trend for investment in recent months.

This video documents how rental growth has been strong in Europe and across the world during Q2 2016.

This video is about foreign investment into the UK from foreign sources, especially Latin America where volumes have increased by over 200%

This video discusses new regulations for Fintech in the EU and how they could help the growing fintech sector flourish and challenge established banking institutions in the continent.

This video examines whether there’ll be enough property on the European continent for banks looking to avoid Brexit’s impact.