Nery Alaev

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Will Brexit actually happen?

Nery Alaev writes about Brexit, in a continuation of previous articles. One author has come out to say that the ‘Brexit’ vote on 23rd June may not actually happen and has laid out the case for the process being disrupted…
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Fintech diversifies and strengthens further 

Nery Alaev writes about fintech around the world. Despite a slowdown thanks to global macroeconomic factors, the financial technology industry has seen large sums of capital investment in recent months, alongside further diversification of the already-strong sector. I’ve chosen to…
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European business indices hold strong

Nery Alaev writes about business indices in Europe. One of the world’s largest banks and financial services providers has released data suggesting that, to the contrary of recent reporting, the business environment in Europe is holding steady in a particularly…
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