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Top tips for investing in commercial property

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As an expert in Austrian and German property, I’m often asked about where to start in commercial real estate. It’s a daunting area for beginners. These top tips for investing in commercial property will help you to avoid the potential…
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Chinese takeovers of German companies rising 

Nery Alaev writes about Chinese investments in Germany. A recent takeover of a German waste management firm by a Chinese conglomerate has spurred outlets to analyse the ongoing Chinese takeover ‘spree’ which is currently affecting Europe. I’ve decided to look…
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German real estate: what are the prospects? 

Nery Alaev writes about German real estate. In 2015 it became apparent that the real estate market in Germany, especially capital Berlin and other major cities such as Munich and Cologne, became a major investment prospect for worldwide investors. Today,…
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The future for affordable housing in Germany

This week, affordable housing was identified as a potential boom sector by experts in real estate. I have decided to examine this and the reasons why Germany is fast becoming a potential hotspot for real estate investment. Attractive locations The…
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