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London office glut threat exacerbated by Brexit?

Nery Alaev writes about London’s office market. A recent story in Bloomberg about Barclays plc’s decision to cut 5,000 desks, or about 25% of its London office space, has highlighted fears of a glut in the capital which may lead…
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The new competition for Europe’s fintech throne

Nery Alaev writes about Fintech in Europe, post-Brexit. Since Brexit (something I’ve written about extensively since the vote took place), there has been a jostle between London and Berlin for new control over the burgeoning ‘Fintech’ industry, which has gained…
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Demand falls for prime rental property in London 

The UK capital, which has seen skyrocketing growth in recent years, has witnessed a fall in demand for property in its prime market due to global economic complications. I’ve decided to look into this news and the detailed reasons behind…
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