Nery Alaev

Five tips for an energy efficient home 

Nery Alaev gives advice on establishing a green home.

As winter draws in, I’ve decided to write about the ways which you can, as a landlord or a private homeowner, ensure your home is energy efficient.

Energy-efficient homes can save large amounts of money so it’s important to make a change if you want to see a long-term benefit for your finances.

With this in mind, the following five tips are all designed with efficiency in mind

  1. Windows: the key to ventilation

Windows are central sources of heat in the home. Well-ventilated rooms such as bathrooms need the correct windows to match them.

It’s wise to avoid using metal for window frames as they conduct heat – risky in kitchens and bathrooms. With this in mind, using vinyl, plastic or fiberglass is a preferable alternative route.

  1. Sealing thermal envelopes

    Nery Alaev

    Insulation is the key to an efficient home

Homes can have their temperatures influenced by the flow of hot and cold air through unsecured areas such as doors, walls and windows – this air flow can negatively affect homes as their presence can go unknown for long periods of time.

To prevent this, ensuring that these areas aren’t susceptible to air flow. Using caulk, weather stripping or expandable spray foam insulation are all solutions for the problem.

  1. Upgrade your home’s insulation

As well as air flow into homes, there is the importance of air flow (particularly hot air) out of homes.

Many homes across Europe have minimal amounts of insulation, despite government attempts to address this.

Attics, if possessed, need the most attention in regards to insulation. Doing this will prevent the escape of warm air and reduce reliance on often-expensive heaters and air conditioning devices.

In conclusion, there are several ways which one can make their home greener – make sure you know about all the options.

Nery Alaev

Nery Alaev is the current Director of ESN Investments GmbH, which engages in acquisition and development of commercial and residential property in Germany and Austria.