Nery Alaev


Investors outside of Europe grow in strength for Poland

Nery Alaev writes about real estate in Poland. In Poland, investors from outside of Europe are beginning to grow more influential. This is partly thanks to the central European country’s maturing real estate market, which has attracted high volumes of…
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Retail growth equally positive across globe

Nery Alaev writes about retail markets worldwide. Across the world, retail markets are strengthening thanks to a multitude of different factors, with cities in the Asia Pacific region leading the way in regards to retailer expansions. I’ve chosen to look…
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Regional centres across Europe begin to dominate

Nery Alaev writes about regional centres in Europe. As major property centres begin to overheat and saturate, smaller ‘regional’ centres across Europe are beginning to shine, according to new research. Regional powerhouses? I’ve written before about the strength of regional…
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German property market strengthens

Nery Alaev writes about the property market in Germany. An expert on property has ensconced upon the position of Germany as a real estate market growing in strength, especially thriving cities such as Berlin and Frankfurt. While the expert concludes…
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