Nery Alaev


German real estate: what are the prospects? 

Nery Alaev writes about German real estate. In 2015 it became apparent that the real estate market in Germany, especially capital Berlin and other major cities such as Munich and Cologne, became a major investment prospect for worldwide investors. Today,…
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Five tips for an energy efficient home 

Nery Alaev gives advice on establishing a green home. As winter draws in, I’ve decided to write about the ways which you can, as a landlord or a private homeowner, ensure your home is energy efficient. Energy-efficient homes can save…
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Retail in Europe: where to invest 

Nery Alaev looks at ideal locations for retail investment in Europe. A recent article in Real Estate Europe has prompted me to further investigate the retail investment opportunities in Europe I’ve decided to look further into several specific countries and…
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Investment hotspots: Central & Eastern Europe 

Today, I’m advising on property investment opportunities in Europe – with a focus on the Central and Eastern regions of the continent. I’ve chosen four cities in four countries and outlined their potential to investors, along with the positives and…
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Four useful value investment stocks 

In honour of World Teacher’s Day, published an article on NASDAQ’s website that highlighted the teachings of Benjamin Graham, the man considered to be the “father” of value investing. The four stocks were in companies located in Europe, the…
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Useful online networks for professionals 

It’s easy to denigrate all of your online business networking to LinkedIn, given the ubiquity and reach of the site, but it’s worthwhile remembering that there’s a wealth of localised networks available for business practitioners across the world that are…
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