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Top tips for investing in commercial property

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As an expert in Austrian and German property, I’m often asked about where to start in commercial real estate. It’s a daunting area for beginners. These top tips for investing in commercial property will help you to avoid the potential…
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Eastern Europe investment gap casts doubts

Nery Alaev looks into news about investment in Eastern Europe. More financing is needed for Eastern Europe in order to close the gap between the region and wealthier parts of the world. I’ve chosen to look into this news and…
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Google Ventures Europe fund abandoned 

Nery Alaev examines news about Google’s investment arm, Google Ventures. Google Ventures, the start-up investment arm of the Silicon Valley search engine, has wound up its European wing and moved it to a wider global fund due to a recent…
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New leaders for Deutsche Bank’s investment wing 

Sources have told Reuters that a new executive structure could be announced by Deutsche Bank AG’s investment bank, as part of ‘shake-ups’ by the bank’s chief executive. I’m looking into this news and the reasons behind the potential change. Reform…
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Record commercial investment for Central and Eastern Europe

According to an article published in World Property Journal, Central and Eastern Europe (C&EE) has seen record levels of investment in commercial real estate. Today, I’m looking further into this alongside further reports about investment growth in the region. Investment growth…
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