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Top tips for investing in commercial property

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As an expert in Austrian and German property, I’m often asked about where to start in commercial real estate. It’s a daunting area for beginners. These top tips for investing in commercial property will help you to avoid the potential…
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Regional centres across Europe begin to dominate

Nery Alaev writes about regional centres in Europe. As major property centres begin to overheat and saturate, smaller ‘regional’ centres across Europe are beginning to shine, according to new research. Regional powerhouses? I’ve written before about the strength of regional…
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Polish real estate flourishes 

Nery Alaev writes about Polish real estate. Poland’s commercial real estate market has benefitted from a buoyant economy in the country with real estate transactions amounting to €4.1bn. This volume is the highest since 2006 and more than €1bn more…
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German real estate: what are the prospects? 

Nery Alaev writes about German real estate. In 2015 it became apparent that the real estate market in Germany, especially capital Berlin and other major cities such as Munich and Cologne, became a major investment prospect for worldwide investors. Today,…
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Demand falls for prime rental property in London 

The UK capital, which has seen skyrocketing growth in recent years, has witnessed a fall in demand for property in its prime market due to global economic complications. I’ve decided to look into this news and the detailed reasons behind…
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Hong Kong leads global property prices 

A median 4.7% increase in global property prices is being led by the East Asian city-state alongside Turkey, Iceland, Australia and Sweden. In 21 of 26 of the countries tracked by the Economist House Price Index, prices grew. Today I’m…
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