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Hong Kong leads global property prices 

A median 4.7% increase in global property prices is being led by the East Asian city-state alongside Turkey, Iceland, Australia and Sweden. In 21 of 26 of the countries tracked by the Economist House Price Index, prices grew. Today I’m…
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American rents to rise by 8% this year 

The phenomenon of rising rents is occurring across the United States, with iconic metropolis New York City seeing rents rise faster than renters’ salaries. I’m looking into this phenomenon today, the areas affected and the reasoning behind the increases. Major…
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Brooklyn rents begin to outpace Manhattan

The New York City borough once known for being the cheaper, Bohemian twin to the bustling central island has begun to see rents rise at a faster pace according to an article in MarketWatch. Today, I’m going into the detail…
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Record commercial investment for Central and Eastern Europe

According to an article published in World Property Journal, Central and Eastern Europe (C&EE) has seen record levels of investment in commercial real estate. Today, I’m looking further into this alongside further reports about investment growth in the region. Investment growth…
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Four useful value investment stocks 

In honour of World Teacher’s Day, published an article on NASDAQ’s website that highlighted the teachings of Benjamin Graham, the man considered to be the “father” of value investing. The four stocks were in companies located in Europe, the…
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